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I am really here … now!

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Anne has given my access to my blog now… for those of you who have never met her you need to understand that she is a bit of a steam roller!  Love her to bits but she tells me what to do all the time!  And… likes to post under my name …LOL

Her way of speaking is very different than mine and if you pay attention to the language of the posts you’ll be able to tell when it is Anne, not me! 

I’m really looking forward to blogging here and hope to make lots of new face painting friends around the world – that’s how I met Anne… and look what has happened!

Seriously, the internet has opened up the world for us all so much that it is hard to remember how on earth we communicated even ten years back!  I’ve made so many good friends, and have met many of them in person later at conventions and workshops, formed business relationships with a few, and learned so much from everyone that I can’t imagine what I will do when the solar flares finally take out our communications sytems.

I have always been more than happy to share tips, information and techniques about face painting, and all make-up skills in general so if you have any questions just ask!

Painting a sleeping spider-kid

Painting a sleeping spider-kid


One thought on “I am really here … now!

  1. Yep I post all sorts under Shannon’s name lol. I was so busy setting up Shannon’s blog that I forgot to set up my own access, but all done now, so Shannon will be Shannon and I will continue to be Mad Anne aka Anne Van Blanc aka Anne Freeman (for my mates lol) aka Crusty Butt’s side kick. 🙂

    We’ll try and give you a daily blog on the Road Trip (wireless access permitting on the ice glaciers though).

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